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How to Keep Going

Using blended food does become easier with time and practice.

I think it’s important for people to know ... you get your routine, you get your rhythm

Don’t panic!

You will likely make a mess.

Everyone has at some point forgotten to put the blender lid on. You end up with food splattered all across you, your child, the walls, the ceiling

Talk to others! There are support groups online for parent using blended diet

The group is great for Mum to mum tips. New foods tried, offers in supermarkets or finding a leak proof storage container. Everyone helps each other out.

Holidays are possible! Many families using blended diet manage to travel

Holiday are possible with blends! It takes more planning but you can do it. I have a little blender which I take away with me, we’ve even managed to go camping

Be open with your child’s dietitian The British Dietetic Association has guidance, which supports the use of blended food for tube feeding at home The Use of Blended Diet with Enteral Feeding Tubes | British Dietetic Association (BDA). This includes advice for when children who are normally given blended food at home by tube are admitted to hospital.

We hope you have found this information useful and wish you all the best with the choices you make

A big thank you to our parent co-creators and the families and professionals who reviewed the resource. Thank you also to LowennaArt for the creative illustrations and to Vygon for supporting the work.

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